About The Game

The Future Game® Corporate Edition is an innovative learning simulation tool designed to help your leaders change the way they think about the future of their business. It is a customized premium quality, cutting edge experience. The game guides learners through a series of critical decisions, revealing opportunities for more agile thinking. 

The Future Game® Corporate Edition is intended for use in a live, facilitated setting. It can be used with good effect in the following scenarios:

  • Organizations that are struggling with escaping the status quo and/or addressing 
  • the “new normal” associated with conducting business in economic turmoil.
  • To set the stage for team building and collaboration.
  • As an opener to spark new thinking for those responsible for strategic planning.
  • To re-align expectations after a re-organization, merger, or enterprise-wide change. 

Game Features

The Future Game® Corporate Edition is set in the Australian outback and is a stand-alone simulation played in groups in a workshop setting. The game uses a creative and engaging instructional video, led by the game’s author—a true Aussie—as the guide. The video, visually esthetic and authentic maps, and other game components deliver an engaging and effective experience. The game can be completed in as few as 2 hours with enhanced discussion and activities extending the play to up to 4 to 5 hours.

Interested in certifying game facilitators internally? Call us to inquire about The Future Game® Train-the-Trainer certification. 1-800-563-8332.

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