Unique - Powerful - Personal


The MENTOR Management Development Process® is designed to develop leader potential starting from within the individual leader progressing out to a leader’s ability to align with, behaviorally represent, and effectively execute organizational strategy. GrowthSource has combined the power of globally recognized leader tools to create a development process that is powerful, personal, and compels leaders to act in ways crucial to the success of today’s organizations.  

The success of MENTOR™ relies on the commitment of an organization to support learning and professional growth, and reinforce its implementation in day-to-day activities.

MENTOR™ has five areas of execution that transcend leadership levels:


In order to manage others effectively, managers must first learn to manage themselves effectively.  Gaining insight into their situational leadership effectiveness is essential to a leader’s overall development and potential.


Building a core competency in coaching and developing others is critical to executing effectively.  It is a process that needs to be systemic throughout an organization – keenly practiced and supported by managers and leaders at all levels.  MENTOR’s integration of DiSC® and Situational Leadership II presents what we believe to be the most compelling, complete and highly personal development process for coaching and developing employees.


Providing perspective about strategy and how it translates at the local level of execution is the responsibility of all levels of management:

Understanding your strategy
Envisioning the possibilities your strategy holds for departments, sales regions, and cross-functional teams
Aligning strategy and its possibilities with others
Implementing a common agenda for leadership designed to more effectively execute strategy 


Talented people ask tough questions of their leaders today. They look for authenticity from those they follow. Leaders need to be familiar with and present to their employees their basic inner values, goals and beliefs to answer their employees’ most challenging question: Why should I follow you? 


MENTOR™ is implemented in phases, with continual touch points to ensure participant accountability for implementing learning. Typical implementations span 10-14 months with goal achievement and robust coaching in between facilitated sessions.

A highly effective way of implementing all four modules of MENTOR™ is to do so in cohorts so participants stay together throughout the process.