Assessments support GrowthSource’s philosophy that unless change is personal, growth won’t occur.

There are a myriad of assessments out there. GrowthSource has carefully chosen a tight cadre of assessments that gives you confidence in their benefits. Our online assessment and feedback processes help individuals and teams understand their roles, clarify needs and goals, and set direction for further development. Our expertise in implementing researched-based assessment tools have earned the trust of thousands. Here’s why:

  • They help pinpoint specific strengths and potential liabilities that are critical to personal and organizational success.
  • Provide actionable strategies for increasing individual effectiveness.
  • Provide statistically valid and reliable results that help individuals and teams align performance objectives with those of the organization.

Our Professional Growth Offerings

Individual Leadership Sales
Everything DiSC® Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Evertying DiSC® Sales
Evertying DiSC® Management Everything DiSC® Management Customized Online Competency
Evertying DiSC® Work of Leaders Evertying DiSC® Work of Leaders
Evertying DiSC® 363 For Leaders Team Dimensions Profile®
Personal Values Assessment
Custom Online Leadership Assessments