Leaders at all levels need analytical and problem solving skills in order to out-perform the competition, develop their people, and effectively lead organizational change. They need to know who they are as leaders, and how they both fuel the success in others and limit their potential - and what to do about it.

Organizations, leaders, and their role in a changing environment

The environment is Increasingly complex, rapidly changing, and competition is shifting. Leaders at all levels need to: 

  • Manage and Improve performance & productivity
  • Possess keen business acumen
  • Create competitive value
  • Reach across the organization to develop realistic value-based strategies 
  • Drive performance behaviors consistent with organizational values, business objectives, and customer needs
  • Participate in a leadership culture and standards essential to corporate achievement

Many organizations struggle to get their development efforts to address these needs. Here’s why: 

  • Development efforts often don't insure a deeper understanding of the business.
  • Organizations hope that managers and leaders will use what they learn, without the tangible experience of practical application or a system of accountability.
  • Development is rarely implemented with active and ongoing senior leader sponsorship – missing the benefit of a common culture for leading people.

GrowthSource believes that an only a personal experience – one that evolves and is linked to the business of an organization – creates sustainable change in leaders. GrowthSource advocates a series of inter-connected, personalized learning experiences followed by application, coaching and results measurement. This extended approach is proven to enable sustainable change in leader behavior and is embedded in all our development solutions.

Our Leader Development Offerings

Leading Self Leading Others Leading The Function
MENTOR Management Development Process® MENTOR Management Development Process® MENTOR Management Development Process®
Situational Leadership®II; Situational Leadership®II; The Five Behaviors Cohesive Team®
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Creating Strategic Perspectives
Managing Self Team Performance Concepts® The Future Game®
Leading With Integrity And Courage Team Chartering
Challenging Conversations® Challenging Conversations®
Approach to Building Trust® Approach to Building Trust®